Patricia MaisanoThe idea for IKOR started with a single phone call. While working with her previous employer, IKOR founder Patricia Maisano answered a call from a distraught woman. The woman told Patricia about her mother and the difficulty her family was having helping her with her needs. The services that Patricia’s employer provided were not available to the public, but this particular woman, in her desperation, had done much research and learned of the company in a dusty book in the research section of the library. She called believing they could offer her the assistance she needed.

Patricia spoke to her vice President about the call and discovered that this woman was one of a number of people asking their company to help in assisting their elderly and disabled family members. But the company was not able to assist these people.

“When my mother became ill, I prayed for an angel to help me. God sent me IKOR. Thank you for all you did. I keep your sympathy card with the others from family. IKOR will always be one of the family.”

After that first phone call, IKOR was born. Patricia created IKOR under the premise of Patient Advocacy – to give a voice to those who had no voice not only in medicine, but also in society. Based in Kennett square, Pennsylvania, IKOR is the first advocacy franchise to create a business system available nationwide.