IKOR empowers clients and shows them that having certain life conditions doesn’t mean life has to be difficult or on a steady decline. IKOR puts clients’ needs first and meets their requirements, wishes and dreams for what they envision their lives to be.

Optimizing Care, Enhancing Quality of Life

IKOR Approach

Needs Assessment

Comprehensive review to determine current status and needs regarding medical and physical care.

Life Map

Development of both a short-term plan to address immediate needs and a long-term plan addressing on-going and future needs.

Coordination of Care

IKOR coordinates and oversees all aspects for the delivery of care and treatment services

Quality Assurance

IKOR takes responsibility for the consistent monitoring of the care services to ensure exceptional quality standards are met.

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IKOR also offers a voice for seniors and disabled adults and children. Many clients are afraid of being a burden to others. IKOR can be the voice for their client, making sure their wishes and preferences are honored at all times. We also offer peace of mind for the families who are worried about their loved ones, and overwhelmed with the decisions that need to be made.

IKOR doesn’t provide health or care services directly. Instead, we coordinate and monitor the service providers within each specialized category.

IKOR’s advocacy work begins with a comprehensive review of the family member’s current status and needs, exploring existing medical and physical care, as well as the client’s physical environment. Finally, through ongoing and periodic visits to the client in their home, franchise owners can consistently monitor the care plan to ensure that each quality assurance standard is met, and that family and client expectations are exceeded. Additionally, when new challenges and situations arise, IKOR is there to make any necessary adjustments in the care plan.

IKOR’s financial support focuses upon both day-to-day issues and the longer-term challenges of managing an individual’s finances.

Once the client’s environment and finances are stabilized, IKOR franchise owners and their staff can then turn their attention to enriching the client’s life.