IKOR works to make life easier for those who do business with us. Our goal is to simplify; whether that is enabling professionals to better allocate their time or helping families navigate the complexities of the medical system.

As an IKOR owner, you will work in a variety of settings.  You will solve problems.  You will make a difference in your client's lives.

IKOR simplifies the care management process by providing unique solutions for the issues of seniors and the disabled. We orchestrate all aspects of client care, because we know what they should be; providing an unbiased, independent point of view that focuses on maximizing the quality of life within the parameters of a cost-conscious and time efficient platform.

This means constantly working with our clients in conjunction with professionals, families and other care providers; we ensure that all medical, environmental, and psycho-social needs are covered.

IKOR is passionate about you and your family’s needs and wishes. IKOR services are used extensively when families are separated by distance from a senior and/or disable individual. As well, when there is uncertainty or disagreements regarding what needs to be done. IKOR is here every step of the way to help you and your family navigate through these difficult situations.

Our mission is to help our clients and their loved ones to live as enriched and fulfilled a life as possible. The IKOR Approach was developed so that together, we can create the best comprehensive short-term and long-term strategic plans for our clients. While working with our clients and their families, we will ensure that all medical, environmental, and psycho-social needs are covered. We work in a coordinated, pro-active fashion for the benefit of our client, and in consideration of our client’s wishes.

Life is unpredictable. We all accept that. Unfortunately when you are a busy, successful, professional personal life issues can be even more difficult to juggle. What do you do when you find out that your medical test came back with unexpected results?

Should you obtain a second opinion? What treatment options do you have? Can you rely solely on your current medical team? Would you like a team that is dedicated to ensuring that your desires and schedule are the primary consideration? At IKOR we specialize in helping professionals just like you.

We will be your advocate, working with you through not only the medical issues but your complex life schedule as well….aiming for the best life and balance possible.

Whether clients are professionals, families or individuals, IKOR's mission is to ensure they are treated with respect and individual attention.  As an IKOR owner, you are an advocate providing guidance, oversight and the implementation of plans to address the client's important life issues.  There are a number of factors which can make IKOR an attractive business opportunity:

  • Favorable Demographic Trends
  • No National Competitor
  • Affordable Investment
  • An Industry in its Infancy
  • Repeat Business
  • Technology Resistant
  • Small Staff, Big Impact
  • Variable Costs