Favorable Demographics and Trends

An aging population, busy families and a preference for aging at home are fueling the demand for advocacy services. Also, as parents of the disabled grow older, caring for their adult children may become more difficult based on their own physical and mental limitations.

No National Competitor

IKOR is the first advocacy company to franchise. Few other companies can deliver the complete package of services IKOR offers to meet the ongoing and expanding needs of the elderly and disabled population. We do not have a nationwide competitor!

Affordable Investment

IKOR franchisees operate with relatively small, affordable, professional offices, which require little to no build out costs. Compared to other investments, IKOR offers a tremendous financial opportunity with a relatively low investment

An Industry in its Infancy

Advocacy is a new industry. While other industries may be well established but perhaps on the decline, the demand for services that serve seniors and the disabled continues to rise.

Repeat Business

Clients typically hire IKOR to fulfill a variety of needs on an ongoing basis. From a business perspective, each client represents a potential recurring revenue stream.

Technology Resistant

Care and advocacy for others can’t be provided by the Internet and it can’t be outsourced overseas. Technology can certainly be utilized to enhance our services, but it cannot replace it.

Disabled-Child-340Small Staff, Big Impact

As an IKOR franchise owner, you can make a big impact in your community with a small staff of professional employees.

Variable Costs

Because our main product is coordination of care, IKOR franchisees’ most significant ongoing cost is typically labor. Nurses and other employees are paid on an hourly, as needed basis.

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