IKOR operates under a medically based business model. Many communities have volunteers, social workers and others who can help families during their time of need, but they’re typically only available for a few hours at a time and they are not trained nurses. Our team of Registered Nurse Patient Advocates (RNPA) and Personal Needs Coordinators (PNC) provide a variety of customized services based upon the unique needs of each individual.

This integrated portfolio of services includes assistance in the following areas of concern:

IKOR Services are Based on Two Principles

  • Enhancing the Quality of Individual Lives
  • Acting Only in the Best Interests of Each Individual

Healthcare  Advocacy

  • Care recommendations
  • Family guidance and  education
  • Crisis management with 24/7 support from the assigned RNPA
  • On-site quality  assurance  of  all  aspects  of the client’s care
  • Environmental analysis that allows “aging in place”
  • Attendance at doctor and specialist visits to ensure smooth and thorough communications between the doctors and clients
  • Help in preventing unnecessary or unwanted tests, procedures and surgeries

Medical Management

  • Tele-medicine technology to ensure treatment compliance
  • Medication analysis to prevent drug interaction or duplication of treatment
  • Datikor – IKOR’s real-time, HIPAA compliant, proprietary web-based system designed to provide family members with information on activities performed by IKOR, as well as the associated cost. Datikor supplies medical providers with detailed treatment information and history
  • Consulting and coordination for selection, installation and maintenance of medical equipment, including pricing and overall vendor management
My mother was in an auto accident at 70 years old and left a quadriplegic. I had one school aged child and one on the way. She was seeing 10 different doctors and was when we met IKOR, on 35 different medications. Mom was living with me, and I didn’t know what to do next. Your IKOR RN Advocate got us dependable home care and worked with the doctors to coordinate information during her hospital admissions. With your help she decreased the number of doctors in her care and significantly decreased her medications. Things calmed down to such a point that we didn’t need your help any longer. But I know if I ever need you again, IKOR will be there.

Financial Advocacy

  • Assistance with day-to-day finances
  • submission/reimbursement of insurance claims
  • Medicare and Medicaid education and planning
  • Family education on how to prevent predatory behavior

Personal Guardianship

  • As registered National Certified Guardians (NCG), IKOR has been appointed by numerous courts to serve as guardian of person
  • IKOR’s RN staff will make the difficult  life and health decisions, in strict accordance with client preferences,  to  improve  quality of life and ensure that life-end choices are honored

Estate Guardianship

Because IKOR is recognized as an expert in addressing the medical, environmental and psychosocial needs of seniors and the disabled, we are sometimes asked to become the guardian of estate.

When working as an estate guardian, IKOR identifies and secures all assets for the direct benefit of the person, working either independently or in conjunction with financial specialists.

Power of Attorney

IKOR has the ability to become a client’s Power of Attorney if they choose – this is simpler than a full-fledged guardianship process and still allows the client professional assistance when they no longer find making decisions easy.


Once a client’s medical, financial and environmental issues are stabilized, IKOR franchisees can then focus on activities that will enrich the client’s life such as socialization, assistance in finding a church and educational opportunities within the community.

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